Late Night Ramblings

Hello all you night owls!

Brady is downstairs playing on the Xbox and my mind is going 10,000 miles per hour so I decided to do some late night rambling.

Today a friend reminded me that in exactly 4 months from today (06JAN17) we will be graduating. As exciting as this sounds, it is also terrifying. I do not feel like I am ready to be a nurse on my own or even an officer in the Army. Getting to this point has seemed like something that was never going to actually happen so now that it is only FOUR months away, I am starting to freak out a little bit. I have a feeling that 2017 is going to go by even faster than 2016 did.

Why is that once I start to fall in love with somewhere and actually making friends that I feel connected to, we get ready to move? It is super frustrating but it is a part of the military lifestyle and something I am still learning to deal with. Any who, on Monday we went and did a little trail run with our friend Chris and his family. Chris is such a good person, we have been lucky to get to know him throughout the past few years (If you ever need anything for a Nissan, go check out The amount of snow on the trail made for an interesting adventure. We helped some jeeps get unstuck, got stuck and had some pretty amazing views. My favorite part of the day was watching Taco run around in the snow. One moment he would be on top of the frozen snow and then the next moment, he would sink and have a face full of snow 🙂 He is so fun and so cute.

I know that I already posted these photos on Facebook but they were poor quality. I am still trying to figure out my camera and Light room… It’s a process so bear with me. If anyone has tips for a beginner like me, I’d love to hear them!


Last thing- I’ve been trying to think of topics to write about. My posts are meant for family, friends and for my own documentation (If you don’t document it, it never happened 😉 ) Does anyone have something you would like to see or hear about? Let me know.

That’s enough of my late night ramblings, I am not even sure if this made any sense! I swear at night my brain turns into a pile of mush. Hope you all have had a lovely start to 2017.



  1. I can hardly believe how big Taco is now. It goes to show you how much good a warm home, loving family, nutritious meals and consistent veterinary care can do. You, Brady, Trogdor & Nastia have healed him, mind, body & soul. ❤


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