Sunset at PCB + 7 things 

My friend Connor is here from Utah visiting so of course I had to take him down to Panama City Beach so he could check out Pier Park. I have been lucky to get to explore many Florida beaches and Pier Park still remains my favorite. I have honestly never stayed for the sun to set so we decided that we needed to stay. There is something so peaceful about the beach at sunset. Everything was so warm and calm (except for the photographers fighting for the perfect spot 😂). 

Even though life has been calm lately, it has felt chaotic. Here is what’s been going on: 

  1. We have managed to rebuild the deck, get new windows installed, replace bathroom hardware, paint the kitchen, replace blinds, repaint the window ledge, and renew the termite bond. Still have more painting to do, a door to replace and some other minor touch ups. This house feels almost brand new. 
  2. I finally know when I will be going to San Antonio! I will be headed that way for 10 weeks in October. 
  3. I know where I will be stationed after San Antonio but I’m not going to be sharing that information right now. 
  4. Brady and I are on week 3 of the Clean Simple Eats 40 day challenge. It’s been awesome so far. We love the recipes because they are simple and delicous. Overall, we both feel better and are less bloated so we have been happy with that.
  5. Been trying to get my cardio strength back to where it needs to be. I HATE running. I HATE cardio exercises. Honestly, working out has been challenging but I know it’s important so I’ve been working on changing my attitude about it. 
  6. Brady’s pathfinder project came to a unforseen halt. He was sad about it and I was only sad because he was. We decided to piece it out and sell the good parts. On that note, we have 37″ tires for sell. Anyone need to buy 37″tires!? Please? Haha
  7. Brady purchased a new mattress and it’s suppose to arrive in a little box on the front porch. I am strangely excited to see a mattress in a little box. I’ll let ya know how that goes. 

    That’s about it for now! Leave me a comment if you have advise on how to be motivated to run 😂. 


    1. What works for me is to look at running as just one more way to spend time with Mother Nature, to listen to the birds and watch the flowers bloom. And I am most motivated in the morning, when the day is fresh and the heat of the day has not settled in yet.


        1. Women have less of a comparative ego than some of us men. I picked a friend who ran silently the whole time, whilst I was brething heavy early and often! Wish I’d dumped the ego and kept running with her she WAS a good, accepting friend!


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