Rainbow Basin Slot Canyon

We made it to California safe and sound but this move felt extra difficult. A few months before we were supposed to move, my truck broke and the dealership told us that we needed a new engine for $10K. Long story short, we didn’t go that route and the truck was fixed about 4 days before we moved. The move just crept up on us and we were not ready to go. Moving is always a wild time and it makes me want to sell everything we own and just live with the bare minimum. Why do we need so much stuff anyway? We are happy to be here in Cali for a little while. We knew that Fort Irwin was going to be isolated but the shock of just how isolated we really are is still kind of still stinging. We are looking forward to slowing down and spending a good amount of family time together while here. It’s also going to be super nice being less than 10 minutes from work for a change.

We have spent the last week and a half unpacking, organizing and loosing our minds so we decided that we needed to get out and go on our first California hiking adventure as a family. Rainbow Basin is located in the Mojave Desert, approximately 8 miles North of Barstow and only 45 minutes from Fort Irwin. There are multiple hiking trails and campsites in this area so we hope to get down and do some camping in the fall.

In other random news, Fort Irwin is covered in wild burros and coyotes. There are burro crossing signs and do not feed the coyotes signs all over post. Burros just roam to wherever their little hearts desire, leaving a trail of poop behind them. Archie loves that there is a playground on almost every corner here but we think he misses having the social interaction of daycare. Last random fact, I signed up for the Great Balloon Chase half marathon in October. I really dislike running but I enjoy having a goal to work towards so I look forward to that challenge.

What is on your list of must do and see in California? Favorite hikes? Favorite Beaches? Favorite family friendly things to do?

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