5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Nursing School


Becoming a nurse has always been my dream. Ever since I was a little girl, it has been the only thing I have ever wanted to do. Getting to nursing school was a rough journey, especially with Brady being in the military and us moving all of the time. But once nursing school started, I quickly learned some hard lessons that I wish I would have known before hand. If you are thinking about pursuing nursing, this is for you. Even if you aren’t interested in pursing nursing, this will help give you an insight into what a nursing school student endures 😉

  1. Nursing school is expensive: Lets be real, college is expensive but I just didn’t realize that nursing school came with some extra costs. Not only are you paying tuition but you are also usually paying an additional program fee, books, computer programs, uniforms, stethoscope, background checks and other needed nursing supplies. The very first semester of nursing school I spent around $1300 just to get what I needed. Fortunately, a lot of those books/ programs got me through the next 4 semesters. Start saving your pennies now and start looking for scholarships!

  2. Nursing school is very time-consuming: At orientation we were asked who had jobs and then it was quickly recommended that if possible, we shouldn’t work. There were many students in my class that managed to balance work, school, kids and spouses but they were pretty much super humans. You will be required to attend class, hospital orientations and training’s, clinical, simulations, labs and somehow find time to write that care plan and study for the 3 exams you have due that week.  There was a meme going around for a while that said the BSN degree made Guinness Book of World Records (couldn’t actually find this on the Guinness website) for being one of the most difficult degrees saying, ” It has 64 university exams + 130 series exams + 174 assignments within 4 years”. That feels pretty accurate.

    You will be exhausted. On that note, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Try to find time to do something you enjoy and something that doesn’t involve school. Leisure time is still important and will help prevent nursing school burnout.

  3. Nursing school will change you: Nursing school WILL push you out of your comfort zone and push you to your limits. You will get to be a part of someone’s life at one of their most vulnerable times. Emotions and stress can run high. I have seen life enter this world while helping with a birth and I have seen life leave this world as I performed CPR in attempt to keep here just a little longer. There will be times when you question why are you there and if you are really meant to be a nurse. Just remember why you are there in the first place, take a deep breath and pull your compression socks. You will finish nursing school as a stronger, more compassionate, confident, perceptive and perhaps slightly cynical version of your self.

  4.  Keep an open mind: I started nursing school thinking that I knew exactly what kind of nurse I wanted to be. I thought I would love the emergency room and hate labor and delivery. GUESS WHAT!? I hated the emergency room and I loved labor and delivery. That was a shock! I still don’t see myself working in either the ED or L&D but It kind of rocked my world there for a moment when I realized I was probably not going to be an ED nurse. Clinicals are an awesome way to dip your toes into the different nursing options. During clinical, be brave and take the more challenging patients, offer to start the IV’s, foley’s and change those dressings. Your nurse preceptors are there to help guide and teach you.

  5. Enjoy the ride: Nursing school was the hardest, most enjoyable thing that I have ever done.  I made some of the most amazing friends and got to do some amazing things. It will go by so fast and before you know it, you will have survived. However, after graduation you can’t get cozy because you will spend the next month or two studying for and freaking out over the NCLEX.



    1. If it’s a Pinterest meme, it has to be the truth? Am I right? 😉 I actually just looked and couldn’t find anything on the Guinness website about that. I would be curious to get a 2011 book and see what’s in it. I also tried to find what is the most difficult and there wasn’t an answer for that so who’s to say it isn’t the most difficult? It’s clearly subjective.


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