The Paint Mines in Calhan

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Living life on the edge 😉 

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If you know me well, you know that I am obsessed with cacti and succulents. 
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I accidentally learned that a certain setting on my camera takes like 20 pictures in a row. This was my reaction as I learned the camera was STILL taking photos.  

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I am sitting here reminiscing about spring break. I am pretty sure that this was the quickest spring break of my life. I made it a goal to do something active everyday of being in Colorado during the break (I went to Utah for a few days as well). I made it to St. Peters Dome, attempted Mount Rosa and visited the paint mines in Calhan Colorado with my friend Jessica. I would love to do a cool photo session here with someone who has a super long flowy dress. I am sure you could get some wicked photos here with the wind!

The paint mines are a well-kept secret in Colorado. You turn on a dirt road in the middle of a field, park, take a little walk to the other side of the hill and all of a sudden, BOOM, there it is.  It is simply spectacular, the assortment of whites, reds, yellows and orange in such a small area is breathtaking.  I learned that Native Americans used these clay deposits for paints and pottery. Later on, settlers would mine the clay to make bricks. Nature is cool.

On a sidenote, somehow I accidentally deleted almost half of the pictures on my blog. I had to go back and fix almost all of the posts last night. That was super annoying! 

Know of any other hidden gems that I need to check out? Leave me a comment if you do! I’d love to check them out 🙂


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