The Beginning of 2018- Our Trip Back to Colorado Springs


First of all, I am really behind on updating my blog, but life happens and I can’t sit around and blog all day so it’s totally fine.
I had only been in North Carolina for a few days before we packed up to head back to Colorado for one of my best friends wedding. Since Teo and Rachel were getting married New Years Eve, Brady and I decided that we needed to still ensure we had Brady’s traditional funfetti birthday cake before AND after our trip.  I thought that the candles were the best thing since sliced bread but Brady didn’t find them as funny as I did. Even though he didn’t think my joke was funny, he was still the cutest birthday babe out there.
Going back to Colorado Springs was a really strange experience for Brady and I. Our neighbor from Colorado was nice enough to let us stay with her for a few days so waking up and seeing another family in our old house was a very odd feeling. Colorado Springs is where we have spent most of our marriage so it felt like we were home, despite actually having a home.
I was honored to be Rachel’s Matron of Honor and got the opportunity to plan the bachelorette party. Special shout out to Amber and Angela for helping me put plans together and throwing a beautiful bridal shower.  For the bachelorette party we had a pole party, got our nails done, had a bridal shower for all friends and family and then went to the Golden Bee with Teo and his groomsmen for dinner.  When I lived in Utah I took a few pole dancing classes for fun so I was really excited to take Rachel and the rest of the girls to a pole party. It was a lot of fun to see them slowly become more comfortable and really enjoy the experience. The wedding was probably one of the prettiest weddings that I have ever attended. Brady and I really enjoyed dancing the night away and ringing in the New Year with everyone. Rachel was so sweet and had the DJ announce Brady’s birthday so we could all sing happy birthday to him.
The next morning we were going to head up to Eldora mountain to go snowboarding but Brady couldn’t wake me up to go 😦  We ended up sleeping until 11, going to King Chef Diner for brunch, saw a movie and then spent a few hours at Oskar Blue’s playing bocce ball with my friend Chloe. Even though we missed out on snowboarding, Brady and I really enjoyed getting to spend the day together. We really had a great time in Colorado.

How did you ring in 2018? At a party? In your PJ’s in bed? I’d love to hear!


  1. We froze on a bridge in Salzburg to see the fireworks for New Years. Love your red bridesmaid dress. The wedding looked gorgeous!


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