Where We Are Moving to +Pebble Hill Plantation Photos

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I am finally ready to share where Brady and I are headed to next. I am still slightly hesitant because nothing is official in the Army until you are actually doing it. BUT…. Brady and I will be headed to Fort Bragg, which is in North Carolina. We are excited! I will be working at Womack Army Medical Center and Brady’s job is to be determined.  If you have any suggestions on things to check out in North Carolina and the surrounding areas please leave me a comment!
The other day my friends Jessica, Heather and I took a little girls trip to Pebble Hill Plantation near Thomasville, Georgia. I have actually been here a few times and was there literally a few days before. This plantation was established in 1820’s when Thomas Jefferson Johnson built the first house. Since then, the plantation has had many different uses but was a hunting estate for the longest amount of time.  Pictures simply don’t do this place justice. The house, stables and land is all stunning. If you are ever in the Thomasville, GA area I recommend checking out Pebble Hill Plantation!  Thomasville is also adorable! The brick roads and little shops in the downtown area are so charming. Also, check out Sweet Grass Dairy in Thomasville for a lunch you won’t regret.
We had a good time attempting to do a little photo shoot in the summer heat of Georgia… There was a point where I felt like I had a waterfall of sweat dripping down my back (I know, gross). It was a good thing I had a flower crown to cover up my sweaty head. Thank you Heather for being a model and Jess for all of your help and going along with my crazy antics.


  1. Thank you Tanja! That was the feeling I was trying to get with the photos. This post went live a little prematurely on accident so I am sorry if it seemed a little unfinished ha.


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