Uwharrie National Forest


A couple of weekends ago we loaded up the Xterra and headed for Uwharrie National Forest. Uwharrie National Forest is a beautiful piece of land where you can go hiking,  biking, camping, hunting, fishing, horse back riding, OHV trails and many other outdoor activities. We got spoiled living in Colorado and having so many different OHV trails available so taking the X out is something we have missed since living in North Carolina. I have to admit that my expectations for the OHV trails at Uwharrie were pretty low but I am happy to say that the trails were a little more challenging than I gave North Carolina credit for and I actually felt like I was in the mountains for a little bit.  Some of those trails would be very difficult if you didn’t have lockers and if it was muddy.
My favorite part of the day was watching Brady drive through this giant mud canyon and getting to put some new camera knowledge to the test. We look forward to planning some camping trips to Uwharrie in the fall time. If you are in the North Carolina area and looking for some off roading trails than I recommend checking out the OHV trails at Uwharrie.


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