Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


I am sad to say that for the first time since we have been married, I am not sending out Christmas cards this year. I really love Christmas cards and made it a goal to do them every year (gives me an excuse to get family photos taken) but this year it just isn’t going to happen. I had every intention of sending out cards this year and even managed to take some photos in Alabama while the cotton fields were white. But between San Antonio, Brady moving to North Carolina and then me moving to North Carolina, it was just to crazy to care about Christmas cards.
So this year ya’ll get a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year blog post and that will have to do.
2017 was by far my favorite year of life so far and I look forward to how this years accomplishments (and failures) will improve the future years to come. My personal goal for 2018 is to become more confident in my ability as a nurse and continue to expand on my medical knowledge.

What was the highlight of your year and what goals have you set for 2018? Leave a comment 🙂


  1. Meery Christmas Kayla and Brady! Welcome to NC! We are not far from Ft Bragg (Holly Springs is a suburb of Raleigh) and would love to see you and for you to meet Connor!


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