September Photo Round-up

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I seriously cannot believe that September is already almost over!! I feel like I blinked and then all of a sudden it was over. I thought it would be fun to start a new little monthly series where I gather and share some of my favorite photos of the month and then quickly recap the month in a few bullet points. Some of the photos I may have already shared on other social media accounts but I will try to not repeat to many of the photos.
  • September started out with our little trip to North Carolina to do some house hunting. We ended up taking Trogdor with us due to his bad back. Brady and I were so sad watching him in so much pain. He is doing a little better now and gained back the use of his hind legs.
  • A few days ago we got some updates on the new house and I am obsessed with the color of the front door and the brick walk way. We didn’t know that the front door was getting painted so it was a little surprise to see it blue.
  • We were warned that hurricane Irma could possibly hit our town really hard. Schools, stores and many other places were closed for two days just to be safe. It ended up not being bad at all, just some strong winds. Thank goodness!
  • Dogs and I have been enjoying the cooler (80 degree) weather by sitting on the deck. Gotta get that Vitamin D!
  • I got a few new pairs of glasses from Eye Buy Direct and I really love them. It is so fun to have a variety of glasses to choose from. Eye Buy Direct has quickly become my favorite place to order glasses from because they are really good quality and very affordable. If you wear glasses, go check them out!
  • My Friend Heather and I got to go down to Pensacola to watch the Blue Angels train. I have always wanted to see them in action and it did not disappoint!
  • I got all my uniforms and everything else ready to for San Antonio! That hurt the bank account big time!
That’s it for September. It was a calm month and we were lucky to spend a good amount of time together as a family. Tonight we are going to celebrate Oktoberfest by consuming too many pretzels and hopefully Ice cream!

Leave me a comment and let me know if you like the idea of doing a monthly round-up post. Cheers to the weekend and October!


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