The Heart of Dixie


My time in The Heart of Dixie is quickly coming to an end 😦 Last time Brady and I left Alabama, we knew that we would be back in a few years but this time we aren’t sure when or if we will ever come back. This makes me sad because Alabama is a place where we have had many first time experiences and being here has helped me see the world in a new light outside of my little Utah bubble. I think a little piece of my heart will always be in Alabama.
These beautiful cotton fields are all over my little town. This one just so happens to be across the street from my neighborhood. I love watching the plants grow and change into beautiful fields of white. I remember how stunning the fields were the last time we lived here so I have been looking forward to seeing them again. About a week ago, I noticed little pops of white starting to appear so I had to go check it out. I like the second picture in this post because it shows the cotton bolls in 3 different stages. I am a weirdo and spent a good chunk of time researching cotton and tobacco  (North Carolina’s cash crop) the other day. I blame my love for plants on my mom and our friends at Willard Bay Gardens. I am really hoping that these fields are perfectly white before I head off to San Antonio in a few weeks.
In other news, Brady and I are really looking forward to beginning the next chapter of life in North Carolina. During labor day weekend, we did a little mini trip up to North Carolina to do some house hunting. Thirty houses later and a little roller coaster of emotions, we found a house that will be perfect for us. The last few months of this year are going to be crazy busy and full of change for us but I will do my best to keep y’all updated.

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone is getting ready for Fall to begin in a few days. I am impatiently waiting for cooler weather to hit us. What are your favorite fall traditions? I’d love to adopt a new one 🙂

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  1. I also love the photo showing the different stages of the cotton plant. Good luck with your move to N. Carolina.
    You know what it’s like when the aspen are turning in Colorado’s mountains. It is happening-already! Autumn is not autumn without an aspen hike.
    Best wishes, Tanja


    1. Thank you Tanja. The Colorado mountains are so incredibly beautiful this time of year. It never gets old. I agree, you don’t get to fully appreciate autumn in Colorado if you don’t get out and go for a hike. Enjoy those hikes!

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