Hanging Rock State Park


One thing I have loved about North Carolina is the fact that there is a surprising amount of things to do outside when it comes to hiking, biking and camping.  Hanging Rock State Park is a 7,869 acre park located about 2 miles from Danbury, North Carolina.  Activities available here include hiking, camping, cabins, swimming, boating, and rock climbing (with a permit).
Taco and I decided that we wanted to check out some fall colors so we asked our friends if they wanted to go and loaded up for the adventure. I had intended on us doing a 10 mile loop but I didn’t really take the time to look at the map so we accidentally went the complete opposite way of the trail head. The little mistake turned into us stumbling upon two waterfalls, Window Falls and Hidden Falls.  After stumbling upon the waterfalls we decided to turn around and head for Hanging Rock. It was simply beautiful on top of Hanging rock. Unfortunately the fall colors had just started to change so you could only see random patches of reds and oranges starting to pop but the blue haze that covers the Appalachians was in full force. We ended up going 6.7 miles and my hips have been sore ever since this hike haha.
I think it would be fun to do a little camping at Hanging Rock State Park next year when the fall colors are in full strength!  I’d also love to go to Vermont or Maine in the Fall next year to go apple picking and frolic through the vibrant fall trees.

How is your fall going? Have the colors changed for you yet? Where is your favorite spot to go see the fall colors?


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