Asheville, NC



















I’m FINALLY getting around to blogging our weekend getaway to Asheville that we took back in August. I’ve been on nights for a few months and I feel like I can never get anything extra accomplished while on nights.
This year for our 7 year anniversary we decided to go explore Ashville, North Carolina. One of my favorite things about moving so often is getting to explore the surrounding cities. I got off work went home and packed and then we hit the road. Asheville is a 4ish hour drive from our house so I brought a pillow and slept for most of the drive there. That night we just wandered around downtown, ate snacks from multiple locations and ended the night at the Asheville Pinball Museum.

We started the next day off by eating a yummy breakfast at Biscuit Head and then made our way to Bent Creek to do some mountain biking. I recently convinced Brady that he needed to get mountain bike so we could go on cool adventures together. There were multiple trails out at Bent Creek and they were actually really challenging. We ended up going up hill for a couple of miles but it made getting back to the truck so much fun.

After biking, we got dressed and headed to the Biltmore. Our lack of planning on this trip was made apparent when we went to buy tickets and found out they were $70 each! We ended up spending a long time there and really enjoyed it. Your ticket gets you into the house, the garden area,  and the winery (Free wine tasting if that’s your thing). The house is amazing and the garden area was so dreamy. We decided to pay an extra $10 and get an audio tour of the house and we were glad we did.  Glass artist Chihuly had an amazing display of his work throughout the house and garden area. If  you are in Asheville, the Biltmore should be on your to do list.
We took the long way home and drove the Blue Ridge Parkway back. The name Blue Ridge is very fitting because everything has a blue haze to it out in the distance. I’d love to get up there again in the next few weeks to see the colors changing.
Asheville is such a cool city filled with vibrant art, historic buildings, delicious food and endless entertainment. I hope we get to go back sometime soon!



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