Oak Island, NC


Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend?
The other day I was in a mood. One of those moods where  I felt like I just needed to run away and avoid my to do list that was a mile long. So I decided that even thought it was crappy weather, I was going to pack a beach bag, throw on a pretty dress and head to the beach to explore a lighthouse. I drove myself 2 hours down to Oak Island to check out the Oak Island Lighthouse.
My little day trip to Oak Island was a little bit frustrating because the beach access by the lighthouse was closed so I couldn’t get a picture of lighthouse that I had in mind and I forgot my beach bag at home. I ended up just sitting on the sand in my dress while sweating my brains out because I couldn’t get into the water haha. Even though my day trip wasn’t what I had in mind, it was still the therapy  that I needed for the day. Maybe next time I go visit Oak Island it will go a little more smooth 😀

What do you do when you are in a mood and need a day to yourself?

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