6 Things- Life update


Like many of my other blog posts, this is another random life update with random facts that may or may not be interesting to you.  Here are 6 random things going on in my life right now:
  1. If we are friends on social media then you are probably sick of hearing about my garden. But I don’t really care because I am so proud to have a tiny little garden that has actually had some success. I have had a good chunk of zucchini so far. I can’t say the same for the peas. I think I got about 8 peas harvested before I had to pull the plants. My peppers are growing slower than ever. We will see if I actually get any peppers out of the process.
  2. My friend Sam and I are working towards earning this patch. We completed Harris lake last weekend and it was a really fun ride! I have loved getting back into mountain bike riding. Mountain biking here is very different compared to Utah.
  3. Brady got to take a little trip to Bulgaria for a culture learning experience so while he has been gone, I have been eating a strict vegetarian diet. I have always hated cooking meat and have always been interested in seeing what a vegetarian diet would be like. Its been a great way to force myself to eat a lot more fresh produce. I have also had a lot more energy than I normally do. Its been a fun experiment.
  4. I spent a ton of time doing yard work and pressure washing the house the other day. I was also so excited when I discovered that the tree in the front yard was turning PINK! I have a hanging basket of pink flowers  and a beautiful pink hibiscus on my front porch so having a pink tree seemed so perfect.
  5. North Carolina has a lot of little critters. This beautiful orb weaver was on the back porch the other night. I decided to let it be in hopes that the robin that has a nest on our back patio would eat it. Our back yard is like a little bird sanctuary. I love that you can go back there and see cardinals, robins, finches and many other birds just tweeting around.
  6. I “graduated” from the Clinical Nurse Transition Program (CNTP) last Friday. I am not technically  done with program until the end of July but we still participated in the graduation. It was cool to watch the doctors and dentists graduate from their residency programs and hear Major General Barbara R. Holcomb (Chief of the Army Nurse Corps) speak. Other than that it was a little anticlimactic for my CNTP group because we still have to do CNTP stuff for another month. Good news is that we don’t have to do another graduation ceremony in July 🙂



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