Review of 2016

2016 was honestly such a wild, eventful and crazy year. I think it’s safe to say that I have never experienced such a crazy roller coaster of change and emotions all in one year and I am thankful for that. Here are the highlights

January – April:   Last year at this time, we were preparing for Brady’s deployment to Afghanistan. It was the first deployment experience for both of us and we didn’t really know how to prepare for it. Deployment sucked really bad. It was very difficult to juggle nursing school, the house, the dogs, clinical rotations that were over an hour away, ROTC, and other crazy parts of life all at the same time without family being around. Luckily, Brady got to come home early (huge blessing). Even though these few months were rather difficult, I learned a lot about myself, Brady and our relationship.

May: In May, Brady and I were able to hit the road and head to Moab Utah for the annual GONE Moab (Gathering of Nissan Enthusiasts).  My family used to go to Moab almost ever year for the Jeep Easter Safari so Moab is filled with fond memories and is still one of my favorite places to go.

June: In June we rescued Taco. It’s a long story on why we decided to adopt him but I am glad we did. He is so sweet and such a fun pup! Any who, We adopted him 3 days before I left for 2 months. In the middle of June I left for Ft. Knox, Kentucky and was there for a month. In between your Junior and Senior year of ROTC you have to attend a camp where you will be evaluated along with other cadets from all over the nation. During my time at Ft. Knox, we took so many boring tests, sat in a ton of briefs, spend 16 days in the field and I got to know some amazing people. It was a good time but I will be happy if I don’t have to spend any more summers at Ft. Knox.

July – August: Once my time in Kentucky was over, I packed up and headed to Honolulu Hawaii for Nurse Summer Training. I got to work in the Progressive Care Unit which is where patients go after being discharged from the ICU. Working in the PCU was amazing. I learned so much while working there and it really helped me decide that I want to pursue becoming an ICU nurse.  When we weren’t working, we were playing. By the end of the month, Sarah (my roommate and battle buddy) and I were so tired that we just watched TV in our beds for an entire day.

Brady was able to come out to Hawaii for 10 days while I was there and we got to celebrate our FIVE year anniversary together.  I wish we could go to Hawaii every year to celebrate 😀  We celebrated by renting a yellow convertible Camaro, driving around the island and staying the night in a cute little cabin on Bellows Air Force Base beach.

Fall semester started just 3 days after I got home from Hawaii. Going back to school after spending a month in Hawaii was pretty rough.

August – December: Since the end of August, Brady and I have just been getting back into the swing of having some sort of normal routine. We went to a murder mystery Halloween party, celebrated Thanksgiving with family, worked on training with Taco, went to a military ball,  I finished my fourth semester of nursing school and Brady has been working on some of his (many) projects.

That is the quick version of 2016. It was truly a wild year full of adventure and lessons. I can’t believe that it is almost 2017 already! I will share what I am looking forward to in 2017 in another blog post (This is already the longest blog post ever).  Leave a comment and tell me about your favorite part of 2016, I’d love to hear your highlights!

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