Thanksgiving adventures

Thanksgiving this year was so much fun! As I mentioned before, Brady’s parents, brother and nephew got to come visit us.  This year, I was determined to cook as much of the meal by myself as possible. I planned everything out and made all the preparations early so that Thursday would be a breeze. It was a fun challenge and I feel like a champ because now I know how to prepare and cook a turkey by myself 😉

We were able to pack so much into the weekend. We took Wyatt to see some helicopters, ate way too many calories, went to the Boise State VS. Air Force football game, went to the North Pole (Such a cute little theme park), played arcade games and watched a Christmas Parade in Manitou Springs.









The look of pure joy on their faces 😀




Christmas Magic Show


Living far from family can be challenging especially during the Holidays. It is such a blessing when friends and family can come visit us or we can go visit them. I am so thankful to have wonderful  in-laws that will drive 11+ hours with a 5-year-old just to come visit us. Brady and I are so sad that they had to leave us today and that we have to go back to work/ school tomorrow!!!

Tell me about your Thanksgiving. What did you do/eat? What was your favorite part?

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