Hey Ya’ll… I am Still Alive!

Photo Credit : Instagram @waywardandwildphotography
Hey world.
I have been MIA from here so I decided that I should check in and let ya’ll know that I am still alive and share these fun photos from San Antonio that I never shared. I love blogging but lately I have felt like I just don’t have anything interesting to share and I needed some time to step back and absorb all of the change life threw at me.
These photos were taken in the Pearl District and Hotel Emma by Wayward + Wild Photography. San Antonio is such a cool city, I often find myself wishing I could go back.
In February I started working night shifts at the hospital and boy did it kick my butt. Once I finally got used to it, I switched over to the day shift. I really enjoyed my time on  nights because things moved a little slower and I was able to really take the time to learn the hospitals charting system/ remember how to be a nurse. The switch to the day shift was a little bit of a shock and has taken some getting used to. Juggling the constant stream of new doctor orders, patients medications, other patient needs and charting has been an interesting adventure. I am thankful that I have had really great preceptors to help me learn and get through this crazy learning curve.  Nurses week is coming up so I will be sharing some things I’ve learned as a new nurse.  If you have any questions you want answered about being a new nurse leave me a comment and I’ll answer it for you.
I am thankful that I was able to get in a good chunk of exploring prior to starting Clinical Nurse Transition Program because not being able to take off on an adventure when I want to has been a little difficult to adjust to. My heart aches to travel and explore!  Brady and I do have 2  trips planned (Savannah, GA and Disney World) and we are really looking forward to those trips.   I would also like to plan some trips up to  Washington D.C, New York, Maryland, Charlotte and Myrtle Beach once I am able to take some leave. Any other East Coast travel suggestions?

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