Blue Embroidered Dress + 6 Random life happenings


Southern women are some of the most put together people that I have ever met. I honestly don’t know how they always have perfect hair and makeup in this heat but somehow they always look picture perfect while shopping at Lowe’s (I go to Lowe’s weekly at the moment).
Aaaaaand then there is me… You can often find me in workout clothing without makeup and in need of a shower. It is pretty obvious that I am not a native southern woman but I am taking advantage of their love for adorable clothing and trying to put myself together a little more often.  I love going downtown and hitting up all of the adorable little shops. I got this blue embroidered dress at the cutest little store called Style ASAP.
Any who, Here are 6 random things about life at the moment:
  1. When Brady and I first moved to Alabama back in 2012 we bought a house. We stilll have it and are currently living in it again. It needs some TLC so Brady and our friend Tai tore the deck apart and resurfaced it. They did such a good job. Now I just need to stain it and I am starting that process today.
  2. The windows are getting replaced today and I am so excited to have those energy-efficient windows. Boring adult things… 🙂
  3. My leg is finally all healed from whatever bit me a few weeks ago. Thank you antibiotics.
  4. My friend Sarah whom I spent a month with in Hawaii is here in Alabama visiting her boyfriend so I am super excited to spend some time with her.
  5. I still don’t know when I am going to San Antonio for those of you that are wondering. I wish I knew!
  6.  Currently still obsessed with Miranda Lambert and Chris Stapleton.

Sorry for the randomness today but what are your plans for the Fourth of July? Brady and I are still trying to make plans. I wanted to go to Savannah but hotels are pricey that week. Leave me a comment and let me know what your Fourth of July plans are.

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