If you Buy Kayla a Camera

When Brady came to visit me in Hawaii, he got me a nice camera for our 5 year anniversary gift. He knew it was something that I have wanted for a while so it was a really sweet and thoughtful gift. but I am sure he didn’t anticipate the “if you give a mouse a cookie” effect. Here is how it has worked for me so far..

If you buy a Kayla a camera, she is going to want to purchase editing software. If you buy editing software, she is going to want a nice backpack case to carry the camera in. If you buy Kayla a nice backpack case to carry the camera in she is going to want a tripod to help take epic pictures with. If you buy a tripod then she is going to want a clicker to assist with taking family photos. If you buy Kayla a clicker, she is going to want a new computer to edit her photos on… Goodness.

Turns out that our computer screen is old and when I edit photos on it and upload it to my phone or iPad, the colors are a little different due to the different resolutions on the  screens. Since I got this camera, I have learned so much about not only taking photos, but how to edit them. I am still working on developing my own personal photography style but it has been a fun challenge to learn a new skill. Once I start working, I am going to save my pennies and get us a new computer but until then, I am just going to have to work what I got!

As I said earlier in my story, I wanted a tripod and a clicker so that I could take pictures of our little family. I love to get pictures taken each year because I think it is fun to see how we have changed throughout the years. Last year we didn’t get to have any photos taken because Brady was in Afghanistan and I was crazy with school. Anyway, I just received my tripod and clicker in the mail so I made Brady go out and take some spontaneous  pictures with me. The biggest thing I learned is that it is hard to hide that dang clicker because it has to be pointing directly at the camera so that is why you can see the clicker in these photos! haha. Learning process. It was also really cold and windy outside today so I wanted to give Brady a shout out for being patient with me as I made him take a billion pictures.


His “I love taking pictures” face 😀
Even though I am making a face, I love the way this edit turned out.
That clicker though.. haha

I hope that you have all had a wonderful weekend so far! I get to work in the ICU for clinical tomorrow and I am pretty stoked about that! Also, I am pretty impressed that I have actually been keeping up with this blog and posting fairly frequently even though no one reads it! It has become a procrastinating/ therapy tool for me 🙂

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