Thoughts on Life with Dogs 



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I have to admit that growing up, I was never a dog person. My family had a dog but she was an outdoor dog and only came in the house on really cold winter days. When I married Brady, I knew that he was a package deal and Trogdor would also be joining us. Adjusting  to having a dog inside the house was little bit of a battle for me, especially when we decided that he needed to have a friend to reduce his anxiety. We got Nastia as a puppy and she terrorized me for a couple of years (Not even joking). I vowed that I would never get another puppy as long as I lived. Well…….. Here I am again with ANOTHER puppy 😮

We aren’t exactly sure how old Taco is but based off of some of his behaviors we are guessing he is less than a year old. Getting a third dog was kind of accident but Taco has turned out to be one of the sweetest puppies ever. He still has a lot of training to do but for the most part he is actually a really good pup and has blended into our family perfectly.

I honestly believe that becoming a dog owner has made me a better person. Dogs have a way of making you more patient, caring, understanding and less self-centered. They require a lot of time and love but they are so quick to return that love right back to you. While Brady was deployed, the dogs were always there to comfort me and give me sweet little kisses when I was feeling down. I never would have imagined Brady and I with 3 dogs but here we are! And thank goodness for them even though they are a pain in the butt <3.




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