Random Life Updates and 30 Week Maternity Photos at Smith Lake

Random Life update!

We were supposed to get maternity photos taken down at the beach this past Saturday but the weather turned to crap so we had to reschedule. I was really bummed and decided that since I already had hair and makeup done, we were going to go set up the tripod and take photos. Taking photos with a tripod is a challenge because the clicker will time out or it won’t focus so half of your pictures are semi blurry. But I am still pretty happy with these.

We got to go to Savannah, GA a few weeks ago and saw our good friends Teo and Rachel. We also got to meet their cute little twin girls. It was so fun getting to take the twins to the beach for the first time and watch them eat handfuls of sand.

My parents and aunt came to visit a few weeks ago as well. We took a ferry out to Bald Head Island, climbed the lighthouse and drove golf carts around the entire island and then the next day we stayed within the area and did a little Civil War history tour. It was a fun little trip.

Chalupa Batmans room is almost done. His crib should be here this week and that’s the last big thing to set up for him. We have really been shocked by how generous everyone has been. We really can’t thank everyone enough.

We took a childbirth education class and I seriously can’t believe that baby boy is going to be here in 2ish months!

Traveling to Utah soon and I can’t wait to see friends and family back home.

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