Cancun Day 1: Residency Clubs and Captain Hook

Brady and I got a “free” trip when we signed up for personal trainers at our gym and had the option to go to either Las Vegas, Orlando or Cancun. Now we don’t normally do things like this because there is always some sort of annoying catch but we both recently got passports and just decided to head to Mexico. Booking everything was sketchy, there were hidden fees (we anticipated this) and we had to sit through a residency club thing but overall, it was a great way for us to travel out of the USA for pretty cheap. Side note, how in the world can anyone afford this residency club!? This company was offering theirs for a low price of $3,500 a month. Insane.

The First day was pretty much wasted due to the residency club thing so we just decided to take advantage of the beach and the all inclusive food and drinks at the hotel for the rest of the day. For dinner that night we boarded Captain Hook‘s ship for a wild pirate adventure. The food was really good, the show was fun (what I understood haha) and we sat next to this really great family from Mexico. They spoke little to none English and we speak little to none Spanish but somehow we found a way to communicate. When the dad found out I was pregnant, he placed his hands on my stomach and sent blessings and praises into the sky for little baby boy. They were the cutest family.

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