Southern Living- Take 2

untitled (1 of 1)-3
Before leaving for Alabama (the first time 😦 ) 
untitled (1 of 1)
Taco trying not to melt outside. Good thing he is from Texas. 

Well folks, we are back in Alabama! This time around things seemed to fall perfectly into place minus the fact that Brady and I left our Army dress uniforms, my bridesmaid dress, our TV and Xbox at the house in Colorado and we didn’t realize it until we had already been on the road for 2 hours. Once we realized that we were dummies, we unhooked the trailer and booked it back 2 hours to pick up what we had forgotten. Besides that, we are back in our old house and we even already have our household goods. The last time we moved to Alabama, we lived in our house for 2 months without our stuff, I wrote about it in my old blog and share a photo of our house.

It is very strange to be back here, it almost feels like we time hopped back 4 years  and picked up where we left off. The town of Enterprise has grown quite a bit but it still has that small hometown feeling to it. We are so happy to be back here for a short time.

Our time in Colorado seemed to fly by in a blur. It was full of adventures, trials and growth. I already miss Colorado and the wonderful friends that we still have there but we were lucky to come back to Alabama friends.

Goals for the next few months are to:

  • Study for and take the NCLEX
  • Decrease body fat and get back into decent shape before I leave for San Antonio
  • Go to the beach
  • Prepare freezer meals for Brady… Does anybody have good freezer meal recipes? Leave me links to recipes in the comments below if you have any that you love.
  • Enjoy time with Brady and the pups

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