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Here is another perspective for ya:


We have been trying to go to the TERROR-Dactyl ever since we moved to Colorado. The TERROR-Dactyl is a ride at the Cave of the Winds near Manitou Springs. It is a giant swing that drops you 200 ft into Williams Canyon at nearly 100 miles per hour.

It doesn’t seem so bad until you are strapped in and the floor beneath your feet moves to the side. I was expecting more of a delay before dropping so when we dropped real quick, I wasn’t ready for it! The view was pretty spectacular once you got over the initial shock of the drop. We aren’t normally ones to pay too much money for photos and videos at places like these but the videos cracked us up  and we didn’t want to forget this experience.

I am glad we finally got to check it out before we move! If you are ever in Colorado Springs, go check it out!


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