Ending of this Student Chapter


2.5 Years of nursing school is coming to an end. At times I honestly thought it would NEVER end and I would be stuck here for the rest of my life. A bit dramatic but my fellow classmates and anyone else that has made it through nursing school knows that nursing school is dramatic.  My TO DO list has gotten short and my patience for school has gotten even shorter! All that stands between me and freedom is 1 APFT for ROTC, 1 Kaplan exam, 1 comprehensive exam, 1 weekend for a field training exercise and 4 days of Kaplan review!

Send some positive vibes and patience my way if ya could 🙂

In other news, Brady has scheduled the movers to come and the tenants in our Alabama house turned in their 30 day notice. It was perfect timing and as long as there isn’t a new renter by the time we move, then we will be returning to our own house in Alabama. This makes my heart happy because I love that house and our neighborhood!  In Alabama, I plan on going to the beach and studying for the NCLEX.

If you have taken the NCLEX and have any advise, leave me a comment! I would love to hear what you did to prepare.

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