Outer Banks

I’ve been wanting to get back into blogging for the past year but man, I just can’t keep up on life. So I’m just going to pick up from here like I haven’t been missing for the past 18 months. Maybe I’ll do some back tracking and share some of the past 18 months.. but I’m not making any promises.

The North Carolina chapter of our lives is coming to an end soon. We had made a little bucket list of the places we wanted to travel to while we were here. The last place on our North Carolina bucket list was the Outer Banks. Travel restrictions and quarantine requirements have made things every difficult but we were finally able to go for a quick get away. I have been dying to see the wild horses that live on the beach. We drove all the way down the beach as far as we could but apparently the horses weren’t having a beach day. There are giant, beautiful beach houses out on Currituck beach that you can only get to by driving on the beach. They were insane!

We stopped at Currituck Beach Lighthouse on our way to the aquarium. We finished up the day at the beach by the Airbnb.

We stopped at Bodies Lighthouse on our way home. It was so beautiful out there and the memory of Archie running around and laughing is going to be a happy memory for the rest of my life. I love traveling when it isn’t busy because we usually end up having the place to ourselves. I’m so glad that we were able to make it to the Outer Banks before we move and I hope to go back one day. If we ever get to go back we will go see Cape Hatteras Light house and go learn all about Blackbeard.

We will be moving to California soon and can’t wait for adventures in the West again. I already have a California bucket list going but what should we add to our Cali bucket list?

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