Washington DC and Pregnancy update

In January Brady and I got to go up to Washington DC to attend a Commissioning Ceremony at the Lincoln memorial for our friend Kyle. It was a really neat place to have a Commissioning ceremony and everyone in uniform got a lot of attention from the other tourist. Unfortunately, a lot of the museums and things we wanted to check out were closed due to the government shut down but we were still able to really enjoy our short stay in DC. After the Commissioning ceremony we headed towards the White House. Anyone else kind of shocked at how small the white house is? In my mind I imagined it much larger. After looking at the White house we headed to Georgetown. Of course we had to stop at Georgetown cupcakes. Brady was so patient and waited in line with me for about an hour just to get cupcakes that are on a TLC show.

The next day we headed to Arlington Cemetery bright and early. We got to watch the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier and the small museum there is full of really interesting information. Every grave was decorated with a Christmas wreath and the entire cemetery felt extremely reverent. After Arlington, we met up with my Ambassador buddy Pat, his beautiful wife Jet and my lovely cousin Krista for lunch. It’s been a few years since I have seen them so it was great to catch up and hear about life in DC. That was it. Our trip was so short and we for sure need to go back when the government isn’t shut down.

Now let’s talk pregnancy.

I started to feel a little off while in DC and I actually took a pregnancy test on that trip and it was negative. About a week and a half later, I still felt off and took another test. This time it was positive. We were a little shocked that it happened as fast as it did but we are really excited about it. I’ve had a great pregnancy so far. So great that if it weren’t for some subtle reminders, I wouldn’t even know that I was pregnant. I have only had one little go with morning sickness and that just so happened to be literally this morning (Recovering from it as I type). This morning was rough and it has made me very thankful that I have been as lucky as I have been. I hope I continue to stay lucky for the rest of this pregnancy. I am 8 weeks on Thursday and we have our first appointment on the 25th of February. We have a lot of preparing to do and I often feel overwhelmed by the amount of baby products out there. I really am going to try to keep the baby things at a minim and only get the things that we truly need. Thankfully we have some time to prepare!

Leave me a comment and let me know what are your must have, tried and true baby products? What can we live without and what must we get?  


  1. First off, congrats! And I’m so happy for you, friend! The baby stuff… it’s overwhelming to say the least. I found that most of the stuff is sooo unnecessary, cute but unnecessary! Keep the clothes to a minimum. When it’s halfway warm, they go naked anyway and they grow off of things so fast. Swaddler blankets with Velcro are amazing, keeps baby snug and mine loved them. Also, don’t get the cute burp blankets/rags… use cloth diapers instead. They are much more absorbant and then the spit up doesn’t end up going down your back! Anywhere you go, don’t just pack an extra onesie for baby, pack an extra shirt for yourself. I learned this the hard way too many times! You will do great!


    1. Great advice! I will remember the extra shirt trick! I feel like a lot of the baby stuff is unnecessary too and you can get by without a lot of it. I have a few must haves on my list but they are basic things like a crib and diapers haha. Hope you are doing good! Miss you!


  2. Congrats on pregnancy. Check out our blog for moms and moms to be and join our community and conversations. Would love to hear your thoughts and advice you can share with other ladies. Comment on some of our various topics we have up and under older posts ☺️


  3. So happy for you! And so happy you haven’t been sick. I was not so lucky in that department haha! As for must-haves I would say:
    + a Boppy Lounger
    He’s sat on this since the second we got home and I carry it around with me throughout the house as I cook, do laundry, etc.
    + stretchy swaddle blankets
    We love Copper Pearl but there are others out there too. Don’t bother with muslin ones they aren’t nearly as comfy or stretchy.
    + the Nose Freida
    This will save your life when your baby is stuffy or just has boogers.
    I could go on & on but a few other things we’ve loved are the Halo Bassinest (everyone recommends the Rock n’ Play but I was just not comfortable with using that after hearing horror stories— use your own judgement,) Boppy Nursing Pillow, Snuggle Me Organic (we went with this over a Doc-a-tot,) Nuna Pipa carseat, gripe water, water wipes (we also just tried Pampers Pure & they’re also great and have good ingredients,) & Copper Pearl Burp Cloths. It’s so overwhelming and daunting!


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