10 Random Facts About Me


I always enjoy the blogs where people just throw out random facts about themselves. Getting to know someone a little better is half of the fun of blogs. Enjoy these 10 random facts that you may or may not already know about me.

  1. I am named after my dad and my great grandma Elisabeth. Kayla comes from my dads middle name, Kay. While Elizabeth comes from my great grandma Elisabeth. I think I remember my mom saying something about changing the “S” to a “Z” to make it more Americanized or something? My great grandma was from Switzerland. I have a few memories of her yelling at us kiddos because we would eat all of the ripe raspberries off of the bushes.
  2. I can’t have chocolate chips in the house. Seriously though, I eat them by the HANDFUL and they never make it into the recipe they were intended for! Does anyone else besides my father and I do this?
  3. I don’t like Jello. Growing up in Utah this makes me an odd ball ;).
  4. I like mustard on almost everything.
  5. I want to travel more. There is something magical about traveling somewhere new and seeing the world in a new way.
  6. I’m a terrible house keeper. I hate filth and can keep things sanitary but I can never seem to keep the clutter away. When we move, I swear that I am just going to donate half of our stuff. A tiny house with minimal crap sounds ideal right now. Too bad Brady would HATE living in a tiny house. Tiny houses and tall people don’t really go together.
  7. I found my first gray hair last Christmas. I have found many more since then!
  8. I’ve broken two bones. My right pinky and my second metacarpal on my right hand. The pinky was from doing back handsprings on the beam at gymnastics and the hand was because I got kicked while spotting a round off back handspring.
  9. It is my favorite when Brady wears a forest green shirt because it makes his eyes pop. I remember sitting in chemistry class and thinking he had the most amazing green eyes.
  10. I used to work in a chicken farm in the summers with my cousins. That was a smelly job. The chicken farm just so happens to be the chicken farm on Napoleon Dynamite.

There ya have it, 10 random facts. Feel free to leave some random facts about yourself in the comment section! I’d love to get to know you a little better as well.


  1. 1. I’ve broken all 10 fingers and all 10 toes (most of them related to gymnastics).
    2. I wrote a term paper in college that is published in a text book.
    3. I (along with my sister and my Mom) had a run-in with a very famous serial killer in 1970 (I was 4 years old).


    1. Wow Nancie!!! We’ve got that gymnastic thing in common but I’m sure glad we don’t have that serial killer incident in common!! What is your term paper titled? Id be interetsed in looking it up!


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