20 Things on my Birthday Bucket list


Today is my 27th Birthday and I am spending the day feeling super thankful. I thought it would be kind of fun to take some pictures of what 27 looks like for me without all of the makeup and hair products. The older I get, the more comfortable I become with myself and my imperfections. I might have a lot of gray hair, bags under my eyes, eyebrows that have never been groomed, scars and sun damage on my face but that is alright with me. All of the imperfections are a sign of life. Gray hairs mean that I have been stressed about accomplishing goals such as nursing school and at the same time supporting my husband through a deployment in Afghanistan. Bags under my eyes represent the long hours I work to comfort those who are sick and in pain all while keeping a household somewhat put together. Eyebrows in need of grooming… well they don’t represent anything besides the fact that I need to get my eyebrows groomed lol. Scars and sun damage on my face represent the experiences and adventures I have been able to go on (I am now a huge advocate for sunscreen 🙂 ). Imperfections can be a beautiful reminder that you have lived.
Each year around my birthday I like to take some time to think about things I want to experience in life so I thought it would be fun to share 20 things I have on my bucket list.
  1. Costa Rica yoga retreat with Anamaya Resort. I’ve been going to their website for the past 5 years and I day-dream about spending a week in Costa Rica relaxing, adventuring and doing yoga. Sounds so amazing.
  2. Go on a medical mission. I would love to be able to educate and aid healing in those who truly need it. If you have ever been on one let me know!
  3. Travel to Bora Bora.
  4. Get my Masters, DNP or become a Clinical Nurse Specialist. I don’t know in what area of nursing I want to go but I know that a higher level of education is the goal.
  5. Grow a huge garden- to the point where I will rarely have to go buy produce.
  6. Get out of debt. Almost there, but forever to go.
  7. Travel to Iceland.
  8. Visit home more often.
  9. Build the perfect home and eventually settle down.
  10. Help Brady accomplish some of his goals.
  11. Open a store. Don’t know what kind but I would love to have a cute little shop one day. My old Etsy store doesn’t count.
  12. Travel to all of the States in America.
  13. Live on an Island for a year or two and learn to simplify life.
  14. Have lavender or pink hair for a while.
  15.  Complete the tetractus  challenge.
  16.  Take a cooking class.
  17. Go on a girls trip. who wants to go?
  18. Stop biting my nails.
  19. Listen to live music at the Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville.
  20.  Take dancing lessons with Brady.


Thank you all for the Love that I have already received today ❤

What are some items on your bucket list?


  1. Yes, I love your list so much that I want to copy some of them! Live on an island, that sounds amazing. Same with the medical mission, what a great way to use our nursing skills. Love your blog. 🙂


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